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Dominique Mathurin


Haitian-American, lyrical prowess, Dominique Mathurin is a prolific singer, musician, songwriter, vocal arranger, and entrepreneur. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Therese Dominique and Joseph Mathurin, the Hispaniola native began singing at the tender age of two, before she had mastered the art of talking. 

The adage, “The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” is perfectly aligned with Mathurin’s musical background. Her talents are hailed from a lineage of family musicians and performers. Mathurin’s mother, who was a nurse when she was a child, is a classically trained singer. Her evangelist father, who was also a psychologist, played the accordion. Her stepfather is a guitarist and singer and she also has musical siblings, too. 

Raised in Orlando, FL, by the time Mathurin was nine, it was undeniable with the reaction she received from audiences while performing that she walking in her God-given gift. It was not until she sang at a friend’s birthday party, at 16, that Mathurin fully realized her dream of being a singer and begin to take small steps to matriculate her vision. 

As a recording artist, there is so much more to Mathurin than just her beautiful voice. An avid and active humanitarian, Mathurin is CEO and founder of Family Advocates of Florida, a leading Human Service organization, in central Florida. She also advocates for impoverished children and a mentor to youths in her local community and abroad. Furthermore, Mathurin largely supports children in Haiti, alongside her mother, Therese (Mathurin) Gervais. Every opportunity she gets, Mathurin works with her company, other organizations, and the people of Haiti and its government to build schools in rural areas, ensure mobile clinics are possible and available and bring awareness to many causes the children in Haiti, in their country. 

Mathurin embraces the belief that everything happens for a reason. She truly believes her life is better today because of the setbacks she has gone through to get where she is in the present. One needs only to listen to Mathurin’s powerhouse vocals, for a fraction of a second, to feel the uniqueness of her spirit and fullness of her soul through her music. Her motto, “Life is beautiful when you see it that way,” is a philosophy she lives by, as well. With a dynamic team behind Mathurin and a promising future ahead, this amazing artist has the horizon in her sights to bring her music to audiences all over the world. 

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Dominique Mathurin

Love Is Contagious

Feb 4, 2019 – Rebecca Cullen

Taking on a nineties classic, Dominique Mathurin showcases some superbly soulful vocals for this smooth and addictive version of Love Is Contagious. It’s not an easy song to sing in itself, but the vocals here somehow go above and beyond – meandering effortlessly from the delicate whispers to the passionate peaks of the central line. A quickly captivating performance supported and indeed enhanced by a minimalist yet perfectly fitting production job.

The musical groove of this release is a simple pleasure to escape within. Bringing together elements of jazz and pop alike, offering a smooth rhythm and a few flickers of color and character – just to help guide things – the soundscape feels partly organic and partly well-rooted in today’s musical arena. You can imagine and appreciate the live performance as easily as you can lose yourself within the strength of the recording.

The second time you listen to this, the various intricacies that help give it a sense of identity shine all the more brightly. From the offset, that guitar work is sublime – subtle yet mighty in laying out the ambiance and creating the right kind of mood. Then you get those leading vocals, driving with a flawless connection to the song and its underlying message. Without a doubt, it’s the hook that stands above everything else, but the verses are just as essential in creating that pathway towards it.

Contrast is crucial, and these seductive, melodic verses are sort of the calm before the storm – leading you in a compelling fashion towards the absolute burst of energy and emotion that is the song’s chorus. The vast majority of listeners will walk away re-imagining that moment and singing that melody for quite some time. A live show is likely to be where things get all the more mesmerizing.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

Dominique Mathurin Shines In Her Remake To “Love Is Contagious” (Review & Stream)

Love Is Contagious

Jan 31, 2019 – Quincy (QD)

Dominque Mathurin has an absolutely amazing voice!

Dominique Mathurin probably has more talent in her thumb then I have in my whole body. The second you hear her lay down a single note, I guarantee you that two things will happen:

  • You will fall out on the floor.
  • You will shed a tear.

In her rendition of Taja Sevelle’s “Love Is Contagious” hit, Dominique absolutely stuns, reaching notes higher than a skyscraper and nailing each and every melody that powers the song. Additionally, I love how ‘Nique makes each word about finding a true partner to accompany you on this journey we call ‘life’ come alive. I’m not lying to you when I say I had my jaw-dropped while listening to this song. Now, somehow/someway, I’m going to have to find a way to pick it back up.

GOD bless you, Dominique!


Dominique Mathurin

Love Is Contagious

January 30, 2019 – Anastim Ducray

Dominique Mathurin’s Love is Contagious is a reimagined version of the 90′s hit song by Taja Sevelle. Dominique has licensed and remade the song here in her own image. One major element which distinguishes this version is that it is mostly guitar driven, whereas the original was more of a bubblegum synthpop jam. The guitars give this song a twangy kind of avant garde, R&B pop sensibility. It’s just so much more groovin’ and has a very elegant, classy vibe. In terms of vocals, this song has a very high level of difficulty and Dominique somehow manages to pull it off. Granted, contemporary production makes it easier to produce this kind of music and conceal flaws, but I promise these parts are not easy to sing. Do not try this at home. Most remakes and cover versions of songs do not live up to the quality of the original, but this one does and in the process evolves its own personality. The combination of a clear artistic vision and Dominique Mathurin’s all out vocal performance is ultimately what gets it there.

Dominique Mathurin

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